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Our FREE, all-in-one suite of property management tools makes the rental process easy.


As the first, largest and most accurate database of national rental listings, our partner agents use our propriety technology (Rent.ph) to match the right properties to the right tenants.

We vet and monitor every single listing.

Renters get 180% listing more than any other site.

Partner agents do all the leg work.

Landlords gets free listings, market data and quality intros.

More Renter on the Web

Your property is advertised on one of the most popular rental sites in the Philippines.

More than an Apartment

With over 320,000 listings of townhomes, condos, duplexes, and houses. Renters can find the right property type for their unique preference.


Listing takes less than five minutes. There is no cost. Just list and make income.

Millions of Leases signed

Rent.ph successfully helped get over 10 thousand leases signed by happy renters nationwide.